Smart Moms Get a Free Travel Agent

Raise your hand if planning a trip to Disney with your family makes you want to hide in the closet.  

Many of us don’t have the patience or the know-how to organize an all-inclusive, high-expectation, costly, trip to Disneyland or Disney World…without consequence. We can certainly muddle through and once we get there we will be exhausted, regretful that we didn’t think of half a dozen things, and end up stressed the whole time.

Let me introduce you to your new BFF.


Alexandria (Alex) Lara is a wife, a mom of two beautiful young children, and works part-time in a social service office by day and helps make Disney dreams come true after hours. Jealous!  

She stumbled upon the owner, LJ Johnson, of Smart Moms Travel while planning her own Disney World trip and was amazed at the great travel tips she was offered.  Later, she learned through Instagram that Smart Moms Travel was hiring agents and she quickly messaged for more information.  Despite the owner’s busy schedule, she replied to Alex’s message quickly and provided an application. It was that easy and it was the perfect fit for Alex since she loves Disney parks and they have practically been her second home.  

“I really want to make it possible for families to be able to go to Disney!” – Alex


Smart Moms Travel Agency really cares about all their clients and takes a personal approach to the plans from start to finish. Alex mentioned, “I have heard that some travel agencies, once you book with them, they no longer help you.” This is not the case with Smart Moms Travel. They even follow up after the client’s vacation to make sure that everyone had the best time possible.

Planning a Disney trip is very involved and can be overwhelming. Mothers have so much to maintain that they usually have little time to dedicate to planning a vacation. A travel agent still allows you to be completely involved but takes care of the research, reservations, and completes the itinerary, saving you time and stress. Alex will make sure you have everything you need and done in a timely manner.

Here’s the best part.  Alex offers travel services completely FREE.  Yes, you read correctly…FREE!   She also throws in free resources and swag when you complete your travel plans with her. She will always work in your best interest and offers discounts to make your vacation more affordable.

Keep reading to learn about the December Discount!

Not interested in Disney parks?  No problem.  She can plan other destinations as well!

Special Needs Friendly

Alex grew up with an autistic brother and has personal experience with accommodations for special needs. She’s the right person to contact if you have a family member with a disability and you want to be sure your plans include their comfort and safety. She can guide you through planning and make it the best time for everyone.

There are many resources and accommodations at Disney parks for people with disabilities. One of the ways Disney demonstrates their commitment to all guests is with their Disability Access Service (DAS) Card which is available at Guest Relations near the entrance and will be available online soon.  The DAS Card offers the guest a return time and allows them to go straight to the front of the line of the attraction without a wait. 

WAH and Perks

If you’re thinking…What?  I would love to be a travel agent!  Sign me up!  When do I start? 

Working as a travel agent can be great for busy moms because they can work-at-home, around their schedules. The work is commission-based and there is no sales quota. You are in control of your time and income. It can be supplemental or full-time and whichever way you decide to run your business the one thing you can count on is offering all the excitement of travel. 

When starting something new everyone feels a little more confident with a helping hand and this is no exception.  Getting started doesn’t mean you are thrown out there to sell Mickey and Minnie ears all on your own.  Training is not only provided, it excels expectations.  Sessions via zoom are scheduled throughout the month and provide first-hand tips from the owner of Smart Mom’s herself, LJ.

I didn’t think this would ever happen but I just went for it and I am able to do what I love now. You don’t really need any education to become a travel agent, however, knowing how to market does help.” – Alex

Becoming a travel agent comes with awesome benefits! 

Just to review, this is work-at-home, no pressure, lots of support, make your own schedule, have fun while you work, but wait…there’s more! 

Part of the work includes networking with other businesses and these new friends may compliment you with discounts for your personal and family travel. That means you get to go on vacation, save some money AND…take some serious selfies that you can use to promote your awesome business when you get back.  Seriously!  

What’s better than a real photo with real people and a real experience to sell your product?

Here’s the DEAL!

If you contact Alex and book a Disneyland hotel through December 9th, you get 20% off.  All travel must be completed by December 17th. Simple right?

Well, go on! Get your FREE planning started…

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