I have an affordable plan for your needs.


Hourly pricing provides structure when you have a limited budget, small projects and occasional needs for assistance.

Examples – Letters, applications, short translations.

Flat Rate, Project Based

A Flat Rate is ideal for a one-time project with approximate time and materials estimated. This type of project will require half of the payment at the beginning of the project and the balance when the project is completed.

Examples – Training materials, lesson plans, data entry.

Monthly Packages

A Retainer Package is a great option for businesses that need reoccurring help with a variety of ongoing tasks. A set amount of hours is conveniently prepaid for the month and a record of the tasks completed is provided.

Examples – Newsletters, social media coordination, grading.

Long-Term Packages

This method of pricing is convenient for a client that would like to use their hours at their discretion. This is not a monthly payment plan, rather a set of hours that are prepaid and can be used over a period of three months.

Examples – Translations, recruiting, spreadsheets.

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