What is a Virtual Assistant (VA)?

A virtual assistant is usually a self-employed worker that offers administrative services to clients from a remote location, usually their home office. Some of the tasks a virtual assistant might perform include email and calendar management and organization, social media content and scheduling, data entry, and specialized focus on special projects that the individual or business does not have time or staff to complete. Consider a VA your personal assistant!

How does a VA help my business?

A VA helps you save on labor expenses. Often businesses need a worker for a special project or to catch up after a staffing shortage. Perhaps you need a dedicated person for a specific task but you cannot justify hiring a person full-time or even part-time to fulfill that need. Hiring a VA will provide you with that extra manpower (or woman-power) to keep your business running smoothly without paying for all the extra hours, taxes and benefit expenses.

I don’t have a business. Can a VA help me?

Absolutely! Are you a teacher or therapist? Do you need lesson plans or therapeutic visuals, reports and worksheets? In today’s world, families are extremely busy trying to juggle work and family; organize meals, sports activities, vacations, emails, calendars, applications, taxes, reports, personal files…and the list goes on. A VA can help you get organized and relieve the pressure from all of that pilling up!

Is there a long-term commitment with a VA?

No, you can hire a VA for small or large projects, short or longer term. During your initial consultation you will discuss the amount of work and length of time you will need to complete your tasks or projects.

How do I communicate with my VA?

The best form of communication will be agreed upon during your initial consultation. Most VA’s can communicate via phone, virtual conference and email.

How does a VA provide the work requested?

Most work is completed in electronic form through shared files. This provides the client with very efficient receipt of the work when it is completed. No snail mail needed! However, if paper documentation is required, that can be arranged.

How will my VA access my files?

Most files can be accessed through “sharing”. This allows the VA to make edits to your documents and the client, or originator still owns and has control of the file. In some cases, a client will request assistance with software or social media and a user ID and password is required. Your personal information is very important and it will be handled with the highest level of confidentiality and technical safety measures.

Do you have an area of specialty?

Yes, and thanks for asking! My work and personal experiences have provided me with many years of work in culinary arts and management, primary education and disability programs and services. I can provide support in these areas very comfortably, however, my administrative support can extend to other areas. I am also proud to say that I am highly motivated and a quick learner.

I’m almost ready to get started. How can I get a few more questions answered?

Please contact me and I will be happy to schedule a free consultation to answer all your questions.