I’m so glad about your visit. I’m guessing you have a project or task that you’ve been placing on the back burner, or just haven’t had the time to organize. Perhaps the task is out of your scope of expertise and you are looking for help.

My virtual administrative services support businesses and individuals with projects, so they can save time and focus on their business and personal growth. Are you looking for someone to take care of the details that can keep you organized, productive, and efficient?

My passion is to help those in need of this necessary and sometimes hard-to-find support. Consider me another set of trustworthy and reliable hands that can complete the task within the flexible amount of time you determine. 

My personal and professional history has led me to specialize in working with disabilities, home-based care, education, and social work. However, my experience is vast and I can offer you support with many tasks. Please visit my services page to get a more detailed idea of how I can support you and remove some stress.

I look forward to working with you!

Question? I would love to answer, please contact me.

Kathy Ortiz – LinkedIn